Real World: St.Thomas

The morning after the first night, the kids are ready to explore the islands and escape theirs. They head to a place called Paradise Point, spend the day there, and really not much happens except for Toya keeping her eye on Laura and Trey.

Trey confronts Brandon about reading his journal and finding some suicidal comments in it. Brandon admits he writes those things to get himself into a dark place to continue writing in his journal….

At night they go to a local club, it looks like everyone’s having a good time, Brandon’s dancing with a girl that looks completely out of his league, but good for him. Some dude tells Brandon to back off because she ‘belongs’ to someone else, he freaks out and starts saying how he’s going to fight someone. Like Brandon, you’re stuck on an island with roommates who will probably run at the sight of a punch, and it looks like the other guy has a ton of back up, just stop.

Trey and Laura move fast, they enjoy a romantic makeout session on the ferris wheel, and then Trey freaks out on her that they’re moving too fast. Apparently, Trey has a girl back home and he doesn’t want to rush into anything on the island. Laura doesn’t understand what he’s saying because she just wants to flirt.

Ginger and Marie both meet good looking people at the club, Marie takes Max home, and Ginger comes home solo. I love watching these two, you can tell they have such chemistry, but neither one is jumping into that ‘romantic’ territory yet. In the end they set up a double date, neither one wanting to see their partners, so they just cancel and go out with each other!

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