The NEW Real World: St Thomas!

An all new season of MTV’s The Real World premiered last night with the 7 strangers heading to the Virgin Islands. I must say, I’m surprised at how cool these kids are, they seem like laid back crazies that are probably going to have an amazing time on their own private island! Yes, they legit have their own island that they had to ride on a boat to get to! The house is amazing as always, hammock’s, pool, hot tub, it’s like a little piece of paradise for these 7 strangers.

I still don’t get why it’s 7 strangers…when the NOLA season had 8 people…if anyone knows the reason please enlighten me.

Anyways, the first two people we see are Ginger Robb, tall kind of muscular red head, he seems cool enough.

Then there’s Marie who sometimes resembles Laguna Beach start Kristin Cav- she seems like a good time.

Trey- the all American boy who I’m already in love with.

Swift- Yes that’s his name, well his last name, Swift is trying to become a lawyer. He is confident, not cocky, apparently there’s a difference folks.

LaToya- Who is officially my favourite roommate, she cracks me up, and it seems like something might go down between her and Swift, but I feel like she can match up to his ‘confidence’ level.

Brandon is the rockstar, covered in tats, kind of the loner of the group, he feels left out right away. He’s a recovering drug addict, and right away the roommates ask him about the scars on his wrists. He definitely has some issues. I don’t know if St.Thomas was the best place for him.

Laura is kind of the girl next door, she’s adopted and apparently wants the entire world to know, because she’s brought all her official adoption papers with her- I don’t get that but okay. Anyways, she has a thing for Trey right off the start, but gives Brandon some attention and he immediately falls for her. This literally happens over the span of the first night they’ve been together.

Brandon freaks out and confesses to Rob that he’s really jealous of Trey since he’s the all American guy and he can’t really compete with him. Anyways, it’s all ridiculous because it’s their first night and who knows whats going to happen. Brandon admits to Trey that he was jealous and acted irrational, Trey forgives him and all seems to be okay.

In the end, Brandon falls asleep on one of the outdoor hammocks, he forgets his diary/journal on the table. Trey decides to open it, which is really none of his business, even if you don’t know what it is, it clearly looks like some sort of journal, so why would you open it?

Anyways, inside there’s Brandon’s writing all over saying ‘kill me’ and all that good stuff, the roommates well Trey,Laura, and Swift freak out and wonder if they should be concerned for their safety. Yeah, probably you’re on a friggin’ island with this maniac! There’s nowhere to run!

It actually looks like it’s going to be a good season, they seem like a good bunch of kids, and really who doesn’t want to watch a bunch of Americans get wasted on a beautiful island, in the middle of paradise.

The Real World:St Thomas airs Thursday nights on MTV at 10pm.



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