So my patriotism or you could call it obsession with the Spanish national team started 4 years ago at the previous Euro Cup…when of course they won it all. Then, came the World Cup- 2 years ago…and again Spain made it to the top and became World Cup Champions.

And if you haven’t heard about the LA Kings winning the Stanley Cup (my team, not really because I don’t own it) then you’ll know that I’m having good luck with choosing winning teams in the last couple of years.

Anyways, enough about my lucky streak. The semi-finals are today for Euro Cup 2012…it’s Spain VS Christiano Ronaldo, oops I mean Portugal.

I think it’s going to be a close one, obviously Spain is the better team, but you just never know! Also, Torres has been completely useless in this tournament, unfortunately David Villa who was the star of the World Cup was injured this time around, and we haven’t been playing as good. It seemed like David was the one raking in the points last time around, but hopefully Torres will bust something out of his a** today!

My predictions, Spain Vs Germany in the finals this weekend!

Spain came on top of their Group C leaderboard.

Spain  7

Italy   5

Croatia   4

Ireland  0

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