Suits Season 2

The season premiere of Suits premiered almost 2 two weeks ago and I remembered all the reasons why I missed this show! If you haven’t seen this show yet, you definitely have to, it’s like nothing that’s out right now, the writing is really witty, the actors are amazing, and the scenes in a fake New York City are almost believable.

The show is about this guy Mike Ross who is a genius, although he’s never graduated from a college or attended law school, he’s written the LSAT numerous amount of times (for people that pay him to do it ), and he has this amazing memory. One day, he runs into Harvey Spector who is basically the hot shot lawyer in search of his new protege. On a quick drug trade for his friend, Mike shows up at the same hotel Harvey is having his auditions, Mike decides to try out, well he doesn’t really decide it’s just a fluke. Harvey falls in love, not romantically, but with Mike’s amazing memory and knowledge of all the different corporate laws Mike remembers.

So the entire first season was the story of Mike entering this world that he’s always wanted to be in, he’s good at what he does, but he finds it hard to hide his secret, that he actually never went to university or law school. Fortunately, Mike is also a computer genius and hacks into the Harvard Law website and prints himself a certificate. Anyways, him and Harvey get away with this lie throughout the first season, but Mike can’t keep the big secret from his best friend. In the end, Mike and his friend have a falling out, his friend goes to Jessica who is the head of the law firm Harvey works at and tells her Mike’s not really a lawyer. That’s how the first season ends, obviously with other story lines; like a work fling with Mike and one of the paralegals. Also, there is definitely something going on between Harvey and his very quirky secretary, except neither one of them admits anything, well she does sort of, but Harvey hasn’t realized his true love yet.

Harvey is definitely a man of mystery, and I think this season we will get to see a little more about his personal life, how he got to where he is, and what his motivations are for keeping Mike around (why is he being so nice?). Jessica finds out everything at the beginning of Season 2, Harvey admitting to her that he knew Mike’s secret all along. He manages a deal with Jessica, to win a case for him and keep Mike as his protege. She agrees, but she makes it clear that they’re both hanging on a thread with the other partner returning, they could both be jobless if he finds out the truth about Mike Ross.

Mike and his work fling Rachel Zane finally get together, but before it goes anywhere Mike feels like he needs to tell her everything- and how he’s not really a lawyer. He tells Harvey he’s going to tell her the truth, Harvey freaks out and says if he tells her, he’s fired. So, he has to make a decision, and since he’d rather keep his job and keep wearing the fancy suits, he calls it off with Rachel.

Talk about awkward at the office! I can’t wait for this week’s episode.

All new episodes of Suits air on USA at 10/9c.

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