KUWTK: In the DR!

So I haven’t updated you all about my favourite TV family the Kardashian’s in a while, I’ve been star struck from the Tweet I got from Khloe Kardashian! Yes, I’m a lucky girl I know!

The new season of Keeping Up With the Kardashian’s has been really good so far, and last week’s episode with Kris running into her old flame really set the bar high.Whether or not it was set up, it still was very entertaining, and from the way the camera guys chased Kris around the tennis club, made it seem like they had no idea what was going on, or who this guy was.

At first you just hear Kris on her microphone, the cameras were still on the tennis court, and then all of a sudden they were in the club house, when she ran into her ex-boyfriend. It was all very awkward, and you could tell he was trying to stay out of the cameras. Anyways, a few minutes later as she’s walking to her car she tells the producer he wants her contact information, he meets up with her but the cameras are positioned across the street, as if we’re spying on their conversation. Now I know they could totally be smart and set that entire scene up to make it look like we’re watching something we shouldn’t be, but let’s just pretend they’re not smart…and we have the upper hand.

Anyways, last weeks episode finishes off with Kris meeting up with Todd for a secret lunch…as she gets out of the car the episode finishes with a ‘to be continued’. This week’s episode starts off with the continuation, but it was so stupid because she literally just gets back into the car, drives off, and claims she was to nervous to go inside. My bet, she probably wasn’t even meeting him, and that whole escapade was a setup. So the family decide to take another family vacation, Kourtney has the idea of going to Ireland, but because she’s so preggo and indecisive, Ireland gets cancelled, and the fam decide on a nice vacation to the Dominican Republic!

Clearly, Robert (my future husband) didn’t get the memo that it’s actually hot in the DR, because he was wearing his hideous running shoes AND socks to the pool, like really? So, Kourtney is being crazy again and refuses to get on the plane with Mason, Scott and Kim. The rest of the fam is already in the DR, waiting on them. When they get there, there’s a surprise for them, and it’s Khloe! Yay! I feel like I have a strong connection to Khloe now that she tweeted me back, but anyways it was a really cute surprise and mama Kris was very happy.

So a day later, Kim arrives…and 2 days later Scott, Kourtney and Baby Mase arrive in a private plane. Kourtney is surprised to find Khloe there because she assumed she was still in Dallas, the family looks to be having a good time, except Robert who refuses to leave his room without his laptop and cellphone…and the shoes. Mama Kris is having the best time, sippin’ on her mamosas and riding the plastic penguin…she cracks me up.

In the end, it all comes out at the dinner table when Kris tries to give Kourtney marriage advice, Kourtney freaks out and tells everyone that Kris met with her ex-boyfriend for a secret lunch, Bruce not knowing any of this loses his cool (which he never does). Everyone decides to leave the table, Kris is left alone, and that’s how the episode ends.

Next week is the continuation of their vacation, too bad it wasn’t as good as their trip to Bora Bora!

Check out the Tweet I got from Khloe Kardashian!

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