KUWTK: Kourtney Has Mama Drama!

I’m really loving these one-hour Keeping Up With The Kardashians episodes! Don’t forget there’s an all new cray episode tonight on E!…Anyways last night’s episode was as real as it gets on reality television folks!

With news of Kris Jenner’s new ‘memoi’ coming out…everyone’s talking about the affair she had that basically forced her husband Robert to get a divorce. Also, I’m pretty sure the man she had the affair with was Bruce- so it all makes it better. But Kourtney, who is usually the quiet one, and is really only known for poppin’ out babies voices her opinion on the entire ‘memoi’ situation, and how she doesn’t understand how her mother could’ve had an affair.

Khloe and Rob were too young when their parents got divorced to really understand what was going on, but as the biggest sis- Kourtney witnessed everything, and it definitely stuck with her, for the next few years. She starts giving Kris attitude, and at first they just thought it was the hormones, but really Kourtney was truly hurt her mother would do that to her children. I guess now since Kourtney is having a girl, she doesn’t understand why her mother did it, because she would never do it. Anyways, after a quick therapy session Kourtney realizes she might be too hard on her mother, and it was so many years ago, it’s time to get over it.

Also, did anyone notice that Scott and Kourt are still sleeping in different rooms? How weird is that? I still think she’s going to pop out her babies, and in a few years probably leave his useless butt behind…there’s a reason she’s not marrying him!

Kendall and Kylie land a gig at Seventeen Magazine that was probably orchestrated by their mother, anyhow they go on an assignment in Malibu, Kendall is so shy she becomes the worst worker in 6-inch heels ever and decides to sit down for a burger. Kylie rocks it out and does a good job recruiting the ugliest people for a potential modelling position. In the end, Kim (whose been spending more time with the younger sistahs) helps Kendall overcome her shyness (yes I’m sure it only took a 1 hour session of finding models to overcome a lifelong fear)…and in the end Kendall admits she’s not afraid to step out of her comfort zone anymore…thanks Kim!

Rob is M.I.A the entire episode, like really, don’t they know the only reason I watch the show is because of him! And, Khloe makes everything better, so they need to bring her a** back to LA and stop filming her on that iChat!

That’s all folks.


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