LA KINGS: Stanley Cup Finals

So I’ve been obsessed with the LA Kings since my hometown team (Toronto) has been sucking at hockey, and I’ve been rooting for the Kings since last season, when they made it into the playoffs but were beaten out quickly.

This year, it has been an amazing ride watching the Kings play, they’re just an amazing team, filled with some great young players, hopefully when I make it to LA, I want to be watching these guys every night, well not every night but you know what I mean!

Unfortunately, since they are a West coast team, it’s hard to catch their regular season games, just because everything in Canada gets televisied first and foremost. Once they made it into the playoffs, I was able to catch every single game, and trust me I was lovin’ it!

Last night, the Kings did what nobody thought they could do at the beginning of this playoff season, and that was to make it into the Stanley Cup Finals. The Kings were in 8th spot heading into the playoffs, after knocking out the #1 team Vancouver, heads started turning.

It was the craziest game I’ve ever seen, it was tied 3-3 heading into OT, the Kings were on the powerplay but they couldn’t do anything with it. Then the Coyotes went on the powerplay in OT, still they couldn’t do anything with it either. Also, the Kings definitely dominated in OT, watching them play that 18 minutes it was like watching them play the first 2 games of this series where they controlled the puck. Anyways, there was a few minutes left in OT, off the faceoff, it all happened so quickly, Penner taps it in, he was there at the right place at the right time, and the Kings are going to the finals.

I’m so happy! I just wish I was in LA to enjoy the crazy madness that’s probably going down.


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