RHONJ: Pool Party!

I have to say, this season of Real Housewives of New Jersey has been more promising than season 5 of Mad Men! The drama is always ready to pop off in Jersey, and what’s the point of watching men in nice suits when you can watch Kathy Wakile host amazing parties!

Seriously, just watching her put together her get togethers, I feel like I’m learning how to become a better housewife, it’s like watching a show on the Food Channel or HGTV! She’s just amazing, her house always looks cute and done up, and that pool party! I don’t know how anyone passes up the chance where there is that much food and booze poolside.

Anyways, the episode starts off with Teresa and Melissa discussing the previous nights events to their loving husbands. Teresa obviously exaggerates everything and makes Melissa seem like godzilla- Joe her husband isn’t having any of it, he just sits there and throws insult after insult to each housewife. He kept calling Melissa ‘Horsey’ I guess that’s her nickname, since she resembles a horse- according to Joe. Also, he was doing some weird workout thing while he was talking to Teresa- he’s just an idiot.

Joe- Melissa’s husband takes it all in, and he already knows how much of a liar his sister his, he doesn’t really take what she said to heart- he’s already been in arguments with her, for Joe and Melissa they just want their families to be happy, and for their children to spend time with their cousins.

Caroline said it best, Teresa will always have this dislike for Melissa simply because she exists. She’s the younger and prettier version of herself and she’s always threatened by that.

Albie, Chris and Lauren pay a visit to the Jaguar dealership, it looks as if Chris is interested in buying a new car. When Caroline and her husband Al show up- Caroline is in panic mode because she doesn’t know how her son Chris is going to pay for the car. A few minutes later, they surprise her by telling her the car is actually for her and not Chris! It was the cutest surprise present ever!! Al is the sweetest man, they make me so happy.

Kathy (the greatest mother of all time, next to Caroline) decides to throw a pool party, she invites everyone, except Jacqueline can’t go, and Caroline is not up for it, which leaves the Wakile’s with the Gorga’s and Giudice’s. With the backyard decked out, Kathy’s kids invite their school friends, but apparently Kathy’s husband Rich tells everyone not to come because drama was definitely going to be in attendance. Not sure if he was joking or not, the party seemed a little empty until Rosie came out and made the party fantastic with her bartending skills.

Teresa arrives, and the music shifts to something really dramatic and suspenseful. Her brother Joe is confused about what he’s supposed to say to her. They’re not really agreeing on anything, Rich recommended therapy, but Joe was doubtful of that. Anyways, while the kids were swimming, Joe and Teresa have a sit down that almost lasted half the episode. So boring, same old talk with Joe trying to explain his side of the story, and Teresa not having any of it. She doesn’t remember the things she says, she doesn’t want to accept that she could be wrong or that her husband could actually be the root of some of their problems. Frustrated, Joe gets up calls his sister a ‘nut job’ and walks away, I actually don’t know how he stands to talk to her. He gives up, she freaks out and demands her babies because she’s ready to leave the party.

Next week, it seems things are going downhill for Teresa and her crew Caroline and Jacqueline. I still want to know what happened between J and T that had J in tears, and made her not want to come to the reunion.

Stay tuned yall!



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