We’ve thought long and hard about what to do next for our Twitter campaign #TVDFutureInterns. We started out hoping The Vampire Diaries Showrunner- Julie Plec would notice us- love us, and possibly ask us to come and intern for her next season.

We made the first video (watch here), it was loved by everyone- even Julie who ended up watching it only 12 hours after we posted it on YouTube!!

Then, we made a website, which you can go to right here and it has all our professional information on it (resumes,reels). We put up the website hoping we would be taken a little bit more seriously…but so far nada!

A few days ago, we had the genius idea of making another great video, this one full of re-enactments and dream sequences that will hopefully leave Julie rolling on the floor laughing.

So, here it is the SECOND episode of our highly anticipated #TVDFutureInterns campaign- trust me this one is way funnier! Enjoy! And Follow us on Twitter @TheTashaIC and @sparksvicky and join us in our Twitter Campaign!!

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