90210: A Little Too Late?

At the beginning of this season 90210 was literally a piece of ****…every week I would be asking myself why am I still watching this stuff? There’s only 1 episode left of this season (CW announced 90210 would be returning for another year), but I have to admit the last few episodes have been really good! Well, not really good, but good considering it’s still 90210- they’re decent.

I’m loving the whole Liam/Silver/Navid love triangle, I think Silver and Liam make an extremely hot couple- but I don’t understand why Annie doesn’t have a problem with it…I mean she was about to marry Liam at the beginning of the season…wouldn’t she be hurt/jealous at any of this? Also, why did Navid leave for 2 months to go to “Princeton” only to return and say he’s enrolling at CU? The small stuff really bothers me, why can’t they just make the show make sense?

I’m a HUGE fan of Vampire Diaries, and I compare these 2 shows a lot just because they have the same audience and belong to the same network, but really they are such different shows. The writing on Vampire Diaries is just amazing, and everything makes sense, everything connects without inconsistencies. In 90210, I feel the writers just throw in random bits hoping the audience won’t pick up on them- probably because their audience are mainly girls (13-18) who probably don’t think into things too much.

Annie and Caleb- I just don’t get it. They literally went on one date, and they’re already talking about how in love they are. It makes it hard for me to believe they’re actually madly in love with each other when they haven’t spent time together, and when they have their conversations are just normal conversations- their time together doesn’t stand out as “Omg I’ve spent 5 minutes talking to you and I’m already in love” It wasn’t like that, same with Adrianna and Dickson, nothing stood out as to why they would be attracted to each other. I look at the dynamic between Seth and Summer (The O.C), and their conversations always had a certain something, you could feel their chemistry, their inside jokes, you just felt like they were completely in love. I think that’s where the writing really makes a difference, creating story lines for your characters is one thing, but making them believable through the dialogue, to me that draws the line between a really good show and a not so good one. Also, I’m a film student so I think I pick up on those things more.

Austin- I love him, I always have I think he’s so sexy and I was so happy to see him back on the show. Dickson, I have no idea where he went or what he’s doing, well I know what he’s doing on the show but why do characters randomly leave on this show? It’s like Bonnie being MIA for 3 episodes and then returning and turning Alaric into a VAMPIRE KILLER!!

Anyways, Naomi is planning the wedding of her ex-boyfriend Max Miller whose some millionaire computer geek now. I actually really like this storyline, how it twisted after she broke up with CJ. I hope they end up getting back together, in next week’s trailer we see Naomi interrupting Max’s wedding so that’ll be fun too watch.

Also, Ivy and her man Juan? Forgot his name, I like him, and he’s about to get deported but why don’t they just get married? That way he’ll be an American citizen…I don’t get why they just didn’t think of that…..

*On a side-note: The wedding on next week’s season finale was also the wedding Caleb and Julie got married in, in The O.C…just in case you were wondering.*

And so this week’s episode of 90210 begs me to ask the question is it just a little too late? Why would they wait until the last few episodes of the season to start busting up the drama!

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