RHONJ: Battle of the Sister-in-Laws

This season of Real Housewives of New Jersey is so crazy it’s probably going to go down in history as the best Housewives Season ever! There’s only been 3 episodes so far, and it’s crazy!

It’s summer in Jersey which means once again the crew decide to visit the Shore for a night. Somehow Joe Giudice get’s a fancy boat and decides to takes all the adults for a cruise…while Rosie and Kathy’s mom are stuck taking care of the children.

When they return, Jacqueline gets everyone together to attend some Summer Solstice party…obviously everyone’s down to go but nobody knows the drama that’s about to unfold. Seriously, we all know Teresa is crazy- she refuses to believe her husband did anything wrong and instead of admitting he was in jail for a week…continues to say he was ‘away’. So she’s trying to be a good mother-fine, but you can tell how jealous she is of her brother Joe and Melissa’s marriage. Everytime Joe tries to do or say something nice to Teresa she gets defensive and starts throwing punches at them (not literally).

When we first met Melissa at the beginning of last season, I didn’t like her. She seemed like those annoying housewives that don’t really do anything, but really I friggin’ love her. She’s so normal and so real, the fact that Teresa continuously starts arguments with her, it just proves how insanely jealous Teresa is. Teresa brings Melissa over at the party to ask her something, when Melissa is answering her question she mentions how Joe was in jail for a week, hearing this Teresa freaks out and starts leaving the party!

Melissa could care less, she’s been amazing so far with Teresa everytime she’s insulted by her sister-in-law she just turned her cheek, because really all she wants is a happy family. So the random woman that gets involved in their argument tells Jacqueline to bring Melissa out so her and Teresa can talk it out.

Really, nothing gets resolved because Teresa doesn’t apologize for calling Melissa a goldigger. Melissa basically destroys Teresa in the argument, everything she said was just so real and so true- why would Teresa even tell her brother that his wife only wants him for money? Does she want things to turn out bad for the couple? For the kids to see their parents go through a divorce?

Melissa was on key, and you could tell Teresa does all these hurtful things because she’s so miserable in her life, and she’s extremely jealous.

Keep watching because I can’t wait to see why Jacqueline decides to turn her back on Teresa.

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