Ah! Omg only a few more episodes left of our favourite CW teen drama (sorry 90210). It’s only getting better and better, last night was insanity!

I won’t explain everything- definitely an episode you need to watch yourself- Esther is back in full force and she’s legit ready to kill her entire family. She employs Alaric as her go-to guy and he’s all for it to turn into an immortal Vampire Killer! Esther sets the weird spell in motion- however her plan comes to a hault when Alaric turns back to his normal self and stabs her!

He chooses not to go along with the transition which would mean he’s a dead man. The entire cast pay him a visit for the last time as another sad song by The Fray plays in the background.

In the end, Bonnie who has been MIA for the past few episodes decides to show up and ruin everything! But I won’t tell you how you’ll just have to watch and see!


I’d like to include here that the Campaign for ‘TVDfutureinterns’ has officially begun. My classmate and I decided to make a video for Julie Plec (Showrunner, Vampire Diaries) and all the other vampire lovers on the Vampire Diaries production.

Since an internship is required to graduate from our Broadcasting and Film Program- we decided to bombard Julie and the rest with Tweets of our video and HOPE she watches it!! Oh, and maybe possibly gives us a chance to apply for an internship on set!! (Cross fingers)

Here is the video: Check it out and please RT with this hashtag ‘#TVDfutureinterns’ or just ‘#VAMPIREDIARIES’.


Follow me on Twitter @thetashaIC and my classmate (she’s a funny one) @sparksvicky

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