Mad Men: In Need of Jenny Craig

So the second episode of Mad Men’s 5th season seemed a little more interesting than the Season Premiere. In last week’s episode, we didn’t get to see Henry or Betty- and now we know why.

Betty literally gained 50 pounds since last season, I’m assuming it was her baby weight- since it definitely wasn’t a fat suit. I guess I missed the part where they all think she’s dying because she’s fat…I didn’t realize being fat was fatal. The doctors find a tumour in Betty, and now everyone is freaking out because she might die. Don was a total downer, he was legit planning how he’s going to take care of his kids now that his ex-wife is practically dead! They didn’t even get the test results back- which by the way cleared Betty of having cancer! Jeez Don.

Finding out that she was just fat and not pregnant made me extremely happy. For a second I thought Grandpa Henry had impregnated her, and all hopes of a Don and Betty reunion were over. When Don calls the “Francis” house to talk to Betty, Henry answers, and then totally lies to Betty when she asks him who was on the phone. Clearly, he knows his wife is still in love with the Donald.

**On a side note, January Jones who plays Betty has never revealed the true identity of her baby’s father. But, most likely it’s Jason Sudeikis who she was dating for a while.**

Anyways, SCDP hires a new copy writer- since they had to have  a Jewish worker on board. Some other stuff happened but it’s not as interesting. There’s clearly a drift happening between Don and his young wifey Megan.

We’ll have to wait and see when and how Don and Betty reunite!! And also, when SCDP makes it into the big leagues again.


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