Last night’s episode of the Exes was quite disappointing. It seems every time Johnny is in one of these challenges, he walks away as the winner. Coming in first place, him and Camilla make a cool $150,000 between themselves, CT and Diem fall in second place…and Ty and Emily finish in third.

At least all the teams finished, at one point it looked like CT was going to collapse and die. Him and Diem had a good lead on Johnny and Camilla. I don’t know what got into CT, he just broke down and ran out of gas. Diem was hustling through the snow, and if he had kept up with her they would’ve won.

I have to say, I’m most proud of Ty and Emily who definitely earned their spot on top of the mountain. They went through like 4 or 5 DOME elimination rounds, won each and every one of them, and then fought their way to the finish line. Considering nobody thought they’d be in the final 3…they did amazing.

It looked like the girls were whooping a** last night, Diem was on a roll…her partner CT could barely keep up with her. And Emily was using those long legs to climb through the snow…seriously I thought at one point she would win it all, but her partner Ty was definitely holding her back.

I think if Johnny and Emily were partnered together…they would’ve won the race before any other team even got to the halfway checkpoint.

That’s it for this season,  check out The S**t They Should’ve Shown on or it was actually really funny.

Until next time! xo


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