Battle Of The Exes:Final Race

O-M-G! Last night’s episode of Battle of the Exes was insane!!! The episode started off with two of the strongest teams facing each other for an elimination in the DOME. Johnny/Camilla and Mark/Robin had to battle it out in that weird metal cross holding game.

Camilla smoked Robin and won both rounds. Johnny and Mark put out a huge fight, Johnny beating Mark 2-1. Too bad, I really wanted to see Mark and Robin in the final.

For the final race, TJ tells the crew they should pack their bags because they’re heading to Iceland. After only a 24-hour rest, the three teams head to literally the middle of nowhere, amidst glaciers and ice water…and here the final challenge begins.

The episode was almost over, but we got to see the first two checkpoints of the final race. Teams were set out to race dog sleds for a few miles, CT and Diem coming in first place for that checkpoint, Johnny in second and Ty and Emily in third.

The second checkpoint, teams had to strip down and jump into the freezing cold water (by the way it was night)…get into the water swim to a buoy and then run back. There was a heat truck waiting nearby, so don’t worry there was little chance of the teams actually dying. Once again CT and Diem come in first, followed by Johnny and Camilla…and then Ty and Emily.

The first place team got a luxurious heated tent, because guess what they’re all sleeping outdoors! CT and Diem’s tent was loaded with all warm camping gear, Johnny and Camilla’s was a little less luxurious, and Ty and Emily had a tent and two yoga mats to sleep on.

It’s insane, and I hope CT and Diem win this because Johnny has won enough. Either way, all teams get to walk away with cash (if they finish the final challenge).

Here’s a look at whose left:

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