9O21O: R.I.P

Last night’s episode of 90210 was surprisingly good, and I say surprisingly because this season has brought us nothing but boredom. As the season is coming to an end (we don’t know if CW picked it up for another year)…we’re left wondering how each character will finish off.

P.J the newest addition to the Beverly Hills crew is not only the hottest cast member, but also the most confusing. Writers introduced P.J a few episodes back as the ‘rich kid’ wanting to do good for the community. At first it seemed like him and Annie would hit it off, but now it’s looking as if his sights have been set on Naomi. After a few episodes of fighting between sisters Naomi and Jen, at the end of last night’s episode P.J finally chooses Naomi, who is obviously still willing to hook up with him. Anyways, Jen is on a place once again, but before she gets on the plane she tells Naomi it’s a good thing neither one of them ended up with P.J (not knowing Naomi’s lying in bed with him)…clearly Jen has some dirt on him which we definitely want to stick around for.

Dickson, who is now a recording artist minus his girlfriend Adrianna is stressing over the fact that the label wanted him and him only, they don’t want Adrianna (since she’s a flop). He can’t admit this to her, and once again he’s left lying to her, however this time he suffers a stroke/heart attack and ends up in the hospital. Adrianna is obviously worried, their fight is now over, however Dickson finds out he has some small heart defect, and his addiction to ADHD medicine in the beginning of the season triggered his heart problems. So basically he might end up dying by the season finale.

While he’s at the hospital, he stumbles upon Raj (married to Ivy except they’re in the middle of a divorce)…Raj has always been suffering from cancer, he was in remission for a while, but now the cancer has returned and it looks like he only has a few days left. He tells Dickson not to tell Ivy…but obviously he’s going to.

P.J has a chat with best-friend Annie about her love life or lack there of. They decide to hold some charity clean up on the beach event, and while picking up ‘garbage’ on the beach…she meets a really cute guy who instinctively wants to buy her coffee. Anyways, they hit it off, he turns out to be a priest…which was kind of weird, because it really comes out of left field, and I don’t really know where they’re going with him…is Annie going to become a nun?

Silver…who is clearly developing feelings for Liam asks him to go with her to the hospital to find out if she has the cancer gene. He’s all supportive and cute, and they’re obviously going to fall in love which is going to be a major issue for her best friend Annie who almost got married to Liam! Although if Annie does become a nun, she probably won’t have a problem with that situation. Anyways, in the end Silver gets a phone call from her doctor asking her to come in so they can review the results of the test. Not really sure what that means…or what they were insinuating. I think she will probably have the gene, just because I doubt they would create this entire storyline…and have it end without a result. Or they could’ve just done it to bring Liam and Silver together. Who knows.

In the end, Dickson tells Ivy Raj is dying. She obviously is by his side the entire time, and surprisingly Raj looked more like he stepped into a spray tan booth for way too long then a dying patient. Anyways, Raj dies, Ivy drops her glass of water…and it’s going to be interesting to see how Ivy deals with it all. Her character is always on the back burner, hopefully this will create an intense finale for her.

I don’t get how they’re this far into the season and the CW still doesn’t know if they’re renewing the show for another go around. Basically, the episodes have already been shot, the finale is really a season finale…it won’t be as epic as a series finale. But, we’ll wait and see what happens.

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