Mob Wives: A Molded Mind

The women of Staten Island have officially run out of ideas for their VH1 reality show Mob Wives. This week the women gathered at Renee’s house for Karen’s ‘spa’ night. Although the girls invited Carla last week, she didn’t show up because her plans with her children and their father were more important (obviously).

Karen is understanding…but Renee flips out when Carla doesn’t tell Karen the real reason as to why she chose not to show up. My opinion, I think the real reason was because of her kids…but the reason producers wanted Karen to believe… was that Carla was afraid to show up (more interesting) Carla had said to Renee that she didn’t want to show up in case she was ambushed by Ramona and Karen. There’s just so much unnecessary drama…Carla who is the one person that’s always avoided the drama…is now finding herself in the middle of it all…and she’s definitely not going to take it.

Literally, the rest of the 35 minutes was showing everyone else discuss why Carla didn’t show up to Karen’s party that was held at Renee’s house. WHO CARES!!

Don’t these people have anything else to talk about…they could’ve shown Renee’s son AJ…he would’ve had more things to talk about then these crazy ass housewives.

In the end, Ramona calls Carla and tells her she wants to go to lunch with her. Nobody knows why…not even Carla. Somehow…Carla agrees. They discuss their relationship (or lack there of) over dinner…and I guess they come to terms? Carla obviously doesn’t want to be in the middle of the drama…but Ramona can’t help but believe that Carla is controlled by Drita. Drita and Ramona are enemies, clearly. Ramona claims Carla has a ‘molded mind’…and can’t think for herself.

I actually loved watching this show…but now it’s just gone to a whole new crazy level. I couldn’t even sit and watch the entire episode…it just got really boring…and really repetitive. They definitely need to come up with more topics..instead of just sticking to one situation and dragging it through the entire 45 minutes.

At least Big Ang is fun to watch.


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