Vampire Diaries: Klaus The Romantic!

Wow, is all I can really say about the Vampire Diaries episode last night. I actually ended up watching twice, back-to-back…it was that good!

Right away the episode gets into the drama…from the previews we knew there was so some sort of evening ball Klaus’ mother was throwing. Elena gets an invite from mama witch herself-Esther…explaining how she wants to have a chat with her that evening. Damon is afraid she might hurt Elena- he doesn’t want her to meet with Esther…and Stefan could care less.

Caroline…whose apparently waiting for Tyler to fix himself, also gets a letter. From Klaus!…Yep, and he totally asks her to save a dance for him…and leaves a wrapped gift at her doorstep. Obviously, he picked out a gorgeous dress for her, and she can’t help but to give into his devilish charm.

Everyone arrives at the Klaus Mansion (for the ball)…Elena makes her special entrance as she shows up wearing this stunning black dress…the two brothers in shock at her beauty. Once everyone is over how beautiful Elena looks…they break into the dance sequence. I  love how all the young people of Mystic Falls know how to dance like they’re in the 1600s. Really, it’s amazing. Damon dances with Elena…Stefan sees and gets jealous!! Just the type of drama we were waiting for!

They switch partners..and Stefan has a chat with Elena. She tells him she needs his help getting upstairs with Esther- since Damon won’t allow it. Stefan says he’ll help her any way he can…since he really wants to kill Klaus. Caroline and Klaus have a romantic moment…well actually they have a few. Klaus admits to Caroline that he truly likes her…obviously she doesn’t believe him since he has this huge evil master plan.

Elena finally gets upstairs to chat with Esther. Esther basically tells her she’s going to cast a spell that links all of her children together. Therefore, if one of them dies…they all die. So they could basically kill Rebecca and it would kill Klaus. Elena is shocked to hear a mother actually want to kill her children.

Esther blames herself for creating them (into vampires)…she says they don’t belong in the world…and it’s her job to fix things. Elena agrees to give a drop of her blood into this weird drink thing. When they toast with their champagne…it’s supposed to be the thing that links them together. Once they’re back downstairs, Esther proposes a toast…they all drink from their glasses…and Elena feels terrible for letting Elijah think his mother has no evil motives.

OMG, and Rebecca totally has the hots for Matt. She decides she wants to kill him…but after she realizes her feelings for him…calls it off. However, her weird brother doesn’t get the hint…and tries to kill Matt anyways.I feel bad for Matt, he’s always the one trying to be killed. They should give him some sort of superpower strength.

Damon is furious with Elena for seeing Esther behind his back. He tells her he loves her…although he didn’t mean for it to slip. She tells him ‘maybe that’s the problem’…Damon is hurt and totally pissed off at the world.

Caroline finds another gift on her bed. She knows it’s from Klaus..she opens it and it’s a drawing of her and a horse. (So cute!)…he writes at the bottom “Thank you for your honesty” because she basically told him off. Wow, I can’t wait for these two to become a couple. She’s definitely going to change him and make him less evil.

Damon saves Matt just in time because the brother was breaking Matt’s hand. And then Damon runs off. Stefan takes Elena home…makes sure she’s safe. They have their moment…she tells him to just give her something, let her know that he still cares. He says he can’t let himself feel anything…because when he does all he feels is pain (Cute!).

Rebecca finds Matt at the pub. His hand in a cast. He tells her to leave him alone, he doesn’t want anything to do with her. Poor Rebecca.

Damon finds Rebecca sulking at the pub. They chat for a while, until we see them at Damon’s hooking up. Didn’t see that coming.

Crazy, right?

Can’t wait until next week!


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