9021Ohhh This Show Sucks!

Is anyone even watching 90210 anymore? I still don’t know why I am. I’ve been watching this show since it started (4 years ago). Honestly, at first it was really good. This season has been absolutely horrible. I feel like a teenage girl is writing the entire script, and frankly she’s running out of ideas! Their stories just get replayed in a circle, characters date each others best friends (which is quite normal in these shows but it seems to happen more frequently in Beverly Hills) Also, why is Navid totally okay with Dickson dating his soul mate Adriana? I must’ve missed that episode.  It’s just a really bad show.

I try comparing it to other teen dramas…and I guess since there’s nothing else that really motivates these characters or gives them a purpose…it leaves them to deal with really lame relationship issues. For example, in Vampire Diaries...they’re all trying to save Mystic Falls. Or in the Secret Circle they’re a bunch of weird witch kids that have this weird witch relationship/bond. The kids of 90210 don’t really serve another purpose except maintain their washboard abs…and keep up with the latest fashions.

Someone explain to me how Navid got accepted into Princeton in the middle of a semester? How does that even make sense? I understand, there’s a thing called TV magic…but there’s also a thing called ‘logic’ and really us viewer’s aren’t that stupid CW. You can’t just write a load of BS and expect everyone to believe it…or go along with it. No, that would never happen in Mystic Falls.

I’m devoted to the show, in a weird lame way it reminds me of my favourite teen drama The O.C which started off hot like 90210…but fizzled out in their 4th season. But I can’t just keep waiting around for the season to pick up and actually become interesting.

Speaking of interesting, this week, Nick Zano (the hottest man ever) made a cameo. I’m assuming he’ll be on for a few episodes…probably playing Annie’s new love interest. And then Liam gets jealous…he breaks up with blonde girl after he realizes she’s evil…and then in the season finale (or series finale)…Liam and Annie reclaim their love for one another.

See…I could write this on my own!

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