Jersey Shore: “The Confrontation”

Yay! Vinny’s back! Everyone’s excited, everyone’s back to normal…well as normal as the Jersey Shore cast can be! Although Vinny was back this week, and definitely doing his thing in the club…he wasn’t the Vinny we’ve experienced in the past 4 seasons. He’s definitely more calm, quiet, and not as exciting! Meh, guess it will take more time for him to become himself.

Mike, who deemed himself “The Confrontation” this week was experiencing a really weird emotional drunk night. He had been drinking way too much, and I guess he had some things on his mind- mostly about everyone hating him in the house. After a chat with the Snooks, he decides to go downstairs and confront the boys about their issues. Mike says that they’ve been acting weird around him, he’s not sure what he’s done in the past to make them feel that way. Ronnie isn’t having any of it, Pauly D just doesn’t really care and blows Mike off. Snooki gets pissed off at the boys for not expressing their feelings towards Mike…and she calls them all losers. There definitely is a divide between Ronnie/Pauly/Vinny and Mike. Obviously, the shady things Mike’s done in the past…have affected their friendships. Nobody trusts Mike!

Snooki gets a UTI…and pees on herself and the dance floor in Karma (ew). The next day, the gang head to Jenkinson’s which I guess is a local beach bar, but it’s usually the only place packed with people near the water. Snooki can’t fight the pain of a bladder infection and downs a few tequila shots. Yay! Her and Deena are having a blast as usual. Seriously, thank the Jersey Shore God’s for finding Deena and making a perfect Meatball sandwich. Snooks and Deena are hilarious together…kind’ve like the bromance between Pauly and Vinny.



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