Jersey Shore: Vinning!!

Yay! Vinny has been saved!! Well not that he really needed saving but the gang decides to pay Staten Island a visit and reclaim what was there’s from Season 1- Vinny Guadagnino.

A lot happened in this week’s episode of Jersey Shore– the girls threw Pauly and Mike a surprise birthday party, Danny almost hired another roommate, and Snooki passed up the chance to get drunk and wild inside Bamboo…for a night with Jionni. The girls held a surprise bash for the two upstairs at Karma in what looked like to be a private level. There was a lot of alcohol, booze and strippers. Thankfully, Mike finally got the birthday sex he wanted and hooked up with one of the strippers…although he wasn’t sure what her name was. Meh.

Sammy gets into a bar fight! Apparently as they were walking into the club, some random yanked at Sam’s weave and she lost it- throwing her drink in the girls face…and then they were both on the floor with security throwing them out. That was actually the most exciting thing Sam has been involved in…ever.

It seemed like no matter what the roomies were doing, they couldn’t get their minds off Vin! As the days grew longer…and the week went flying by…there was still no sign of Vinny returning to the Shore. Finally, one morning, Pauly has a great idea to just show up at Vin’s house and basically kidnap him. However, I highly doubt Vin didn’t know about their plan.

It looked like Vinny did a lot of growing up in the 1 week that he was away. A new tattoo, new haircut..and new abs? Maybe they should all take a break from the Shore! Anyways, Vinny’s back, all is back to normal at the Shore. Pauly can finally hit the clubs knowing his wing-man is no farther than a few feet away from him.


One thought on “Jersey Shore: Vinning!!

  1. mrs.hulk February 1, 2012 / 3:47 PM

    Jersey Shore is so funny; all the cast members lucked out. They became so famous for partying. More power to them. I love to watch the comedy, it’s my entertainment for the week. I haven’t had time to watch it like I usually do. I had finals and worked late at DISH. I was able to get caught up using DISH Online and I got to watch Snooki’s treatment for a UTI and Sam get in a fight. Those crazy girls. I can’t wait for next Thursday.

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