Battle Of The Exes: Premiere!

Finally!! Battle of the Exes premiered last night on MTV and my gosh were we excited! First of all, I was just excited at the fact that we got to see CT and Diem back together…well not back together…but they’re on the same team so something might happen! The teams, obviously not surprised there, since we knew who was going to be paired up with who.

It looks like it might be a drama free season, the cast this time doesn’t seem too crazy, nobody was even drinking heavily on the first night! And that’s always a Challenge tradition. Um, can someone tell me how the hell Vinny gained so much weight??? He’s like a chubby fat kid…looking at him it’s hard to imagine him with a crisp looking six pack…but trust me he was ripped! I’m actually still shocked when he took off his clothes for the first challenge, I think everyone was in shock mode.

So the first challenge involved the teams walking across this beam over the water, dunking themselves into honey, walking back to the other side…and filling up the pitcher with the honey from their bodies. First teams to fill their pitchers would win…and then it was down to the final two teams (Johnny/Camilla and Nicole/Mark).

Johnny and Camilla won, it looks like they have really good chemistry. Probably because Johnny totally wants to hook up with Camilla…apparently last time he was in a relationship and couldn’t do the ‘things’ he wanted to do with her. So we can expect to see a love blossom between those two.

Real World:San Diego Rookies Nate and Priscilla did absolutely horrible. Priscilla didn’t even have to get dirty because Nate never made it back to their pitcher. He literally fell off the beam…3 or 4 times. Poor guy. I think he came into it kind’ve expecting it to be a joke, he didn’t seem too focused, and they were in last place. Forcing them into the elimination round in the DOME.

Wes runs his dirty stupid mouth again…and this provokes Johnny to make the first move and sends Wes and Mandi into the DOME with Rookies Nate and Priscilla.

Nate seemed a little more focused in the elimination round…but unfortunately Wes and Mandi used whatever skills they posess to knock out the rooks.

Sorry Nate! Maybe next time. I still don’t see why Nate and Priscilla were even chosen for the show- they made out one time for a few seconds, doesn’t really constitute them to be exes. But whatever-it’s MTV they can do whatever they want.

Here’s a look at who was eliminated.



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