Mob Wives: Next Level S*%$#

This week of Mob Wives was absolutely insane! These women just keep getting crazier and crazier. I have to say, the first season felt more legit…like most first seasons do. I feel like some of the things being said now, are just for the cameras. Karen is acting completely insane, she wants to fight anything in her way.

Random Ramona…who I guess is now a regular on the show is nuts…her boyfriend just got arrested in front of her, and she causes drama where drama doesn’t even exist. We have Big Ang…who literally is the only good thing that came out of Season 2 so far. I love her, but her son looks like a piece of trash that you would find in Jersey Shore. Seriously, how do these women raise these sons to behave like idiots.

Drita looks like she’s cooled down since her divorce with her husband Lee. Last season she was all gung-ho about defending his name, and stayed devoted to him…until she found out he was cheating on her throughout their marriage. Duh. Seems like her and Carla are closer than ever. Especially now that Karen has her back up in Random Ramona.

Renee is staying on the sidelines ever since her near death plastic surgery debacle. She’s also reconciled with her ex-husband who moves back into her home in this week’s episode. I actually feel bad for their son AJ, whose clearly back lashing at his mother for taking back his dead beat father.

Karen calls Carla out for a dinner…in what looks like a deserted Italian restaraunt. Seriously, it looked like a potential mob wives shootout. Karen was acting crazy, she had it out for Carla because Carla’s been taking Drita’s side. I don’t even know why Karen cares about Carla, she’s the most useless character in reality tv. In the end, Karen and Carla agree to never talk about their enemies (Drita/Random Ramona)…and have a few shots at the restaraunt bar.



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