KKTNY: Fairytale’s Don’t Exist

We are nearing the end of another Kourtney and Kim Take New York season, and my is the ending better than the beginning! Things have gotten worse for Kim and her basketball hub Kris, especially when Kim returns from Dubai and remembers how annoying the “Hump” really was.

Khloe is still in the Big Apple…and Kim avoids Khloe at all costs. In the beginning of the season Kim freaked out at Khloe calling her an ‘ugly troll’ because she woke her up early. Kim still hasn’t apologized to Khloe, and after 40 minutes…Kim has no choice but to open up about everything to her little sister.

She admits to Khloe what we’ve all known, which is Kim has taken her frustration about her marriage out on everyone else. It definitely looks like she gained a few pounds…and her freak out on Khloe wasn’t the only spaz she had. She starts crying to Khloe and in front of the cameras, admitting she’s not happy in her marriage, that she feels she rushed into it and got caught in all the excitement of the ‘fairtytale wedding’. Kris is definitely feeling the awkwardness as well, they don’t vibe the same anymore, and he’s become a complete douchebag towards her (not that he wasn’t before)Duh!

We’ll see what happens next week on the season finale.

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