Jersey Shore: Waah! Vinny Leaves!

It was the Jersey Shore episode we were all dreading. Vinny Guadagnino leaves the Shore…after battling his anxiety for a few days. Obviously, leaving Italy and going straight to the Shore had a huge impact on Vinny, he couldn’t deal with it…and decides he’s going to go home. We know Vinny returns after a few days, but it’s still sad how it happened!

Dj Pauly D was the cutest thing ever, trying to do everything for his Vinny- even taking him to get his nails did! But, shopping and manicures couldn’t save Vinny, in the end Pauly helps Vinny pack his things while the rest of the crew is partying.

Mike was being a complete loser as always…Jionni was being such a gentlemen…and Mike kept making these stupid idiotic faces like Jionni doesn’t know he hooked up with Snooki a million years ago!! Snooki hooked up with Vinny…months after her and Mike hooked up so I don’t get why he’s so fixated on telling Jionni- just let the kid be happy. Thank god ‘The Unit’ wasn’t in attendance this week, we coudn’t handle him topless for much longer (sarcasm).

The rest of the house does there usual partying, but there definitely is a funk going through the roomies. The fact that Vinny was sad and always in bed, was putting a damper on the entire episode. Even Ronnie took Vinny on a cute date on the boardwalk, they played some games and rode some rides, but that couldn’t convince Vinny to stay either.

Mike meets his usual girl ‘Paula’ at one of the clubs, you might remember her from Season 1 when they hooked up in the hot tub…and then she took a tumble down the stairs. Pauly meets some girl, whose definitely DTF, brings her home…and before she leaves she takes his diamond necklace!! While Pauly was downstairs calling a cab for her, she gets changed and decides to stuff his necklace down her shorts (the cameras don’t lie). She leaves, only to return a few hours later with Pauly’s necklace around her!! Pauly is freaking out, because he’s been looking for his favourite necklace for hours, he sees her and he’s so happy I don’t think he realized how crazy she was! Clearly, she took the necklace as an excuse to come back to the house and see him again. It didn’t work, Pauly D just wanted his necklace back, and wanted her to leave.

And, it seems as if all is normal for Ronnie and Sam. They’ve been on good terms since Italy, not even one fight!! I think both of them really grew up, after watching themselves on Season 3. (Yikes!) Even though they broke up in the Fall, Ronnie still has love for her, and doesn’t deny the fact that they might get back together in the future (According to some interview he did on the red carpet for the People’s Choice Awards).

Hopefully, Vinny’s back next week but we’ll have to wait and see! Wah!

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