MOB WIVES: Watch Yo’ Ass!

Sunday night was the second episode to the second season of Mob Wives, and my was it CRAZY! This isn’t Kardashian crazy…or Jersey Shore crazy…this is like full on Mobster/Housewife crazy- mixed it with a ton of alcohol…you’re bound to get some trouble.

Again, if you’re not familiar with the Mob Wives show on VH1…it’s basically a mix of Jersey Shore and The Real Housewives Series. It follows 4 women who are in someway linked to the Italian Mob. They’re from Staten Island…and they are crazy. Some of them are married to a mobster, some of them have father’s who were very high in the mob ranking…either way you don’t want to mess with these housewives.

This week took off from the ending of last week’s episode when Renee throws her ‘life’ party. Renee almost died in the summer due to complications in her butt surgery. They had cut her back open to put more fat into her butt…but she ripped her stitches open and lost a ton of blood. Thankfully, they saved her, and she decided to throw a party!

So, already tensions are high because Karen and Drita haven’t seen each other since last year’s rooftop disaster. They both lost it on each other, hair was pulled out, dresses were torn, and the men had to stop the fight. Drita shows up to Renee’s party-alone. Once Karen arrives…with her cousin Ramona who is apparently on the show now…they start talking about Drita! Don’t yall have anything else to do at the party!? Karen decides she’s going to talk to Drita and see if they can work it out. No. After a few minutes, Ramona decides to get involved- she comes out to the balcony where Karen and Drita are talking…and then I have no idea what happens but something is said and Drita throws the first punch. Karen and Ramona lose it…Drita isn’t one to back down…and it gets cray!!!

Right away hair is being pulled, everyone is screaming- the men run towards them and try to break up the fight but these women are unstoppable! In the middle of it, some man tries to pull Drita out of the mess and takes a swing at Karen and Ramona. It looks as if he hits Ramona in the face- she starts bleeding and is now freaking out that some man just hit her. They take Drita and stuff her in the car, Renee is freaking out because her party is officially ruined (it didn’t even look that full from the beginning)…Drita thinks Renee set her up- obviously she didn’t.

Anyways, now everyone is freaking out because they think a dude knocked Ramona in the face, it wasn’t true, it was actually Drita and her ‘cheap ass’ ring that cut Ramona’s mouth.The entire episode was this fight, I’m actually shocked at how long they were able to drag it on for. Drita leaves, Ramona has a wardrobe malfunction…and Karen goes back to drinking.

It seems all is back to normal in Staten Island. Except for the fact that Renee’s ex-husband ‘Junior’ wants to get back together with her. On a romantic walk in the park, he confesses to her that he wants to give her another try…bla bla bla. He was just sentenced to 12-16 months in prison. So have fun.


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