Vampire Diaries FINALLY!!!!!!

Yay! In the midst of all the craziness this week- I totally forgot to write about the new Vampire Diaries episode. I was expecting a little more from the episode- since they made us wait almost 2 months for this episode…but the ending made up for it!

Finally, after weeks of waiting for the Damon and Elena kiss…they gave it to us! But I have to say it was a little cheesy. Oh well! Better than nothing.

Stefan is focused on killing Klaus…which means he is no longer worried about his one time true love Elena…leaving more room for brother Damon to swoop her off her feet.

A few things happenend in the episode- I won’t ruin it for people who still need to watch the episode…you definitely should or you will be lost next week. Jeremy is probably leaving Mystic Falls since he almost died because of Klaus. Elena asks Damon to do his magical eye thingy…and commands Jeremy to leave Mystic Falls and never look back. It was actually a really emotional scene…but a much needed one since Jeremy wasn’t a major character. His role was confusing- he was just a normal kid and didn’t really fit into the storyline.

Stefan and Bonnie discover that the last coffin that needs to be opened…is impossible to open. Stefan tries everything…Bonnie suspects there’s some spell over it and unless they figure out what it is…they’ll never get to see what’s inside. Also, whatever is inside…most likely will be the demise of Klaus. I’m assuming it’s Klaus’ mother…who was also the original witch.

Things are getting way more interesting Thursday nights on the CW so make sure you’re watching!!

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