Jersey Shore: They’re Back!!

Woo! Another season of Jersey Shore has begun…and surprisingly I’m excited! I was a little worried about the final season…seeing how Italy completely sucked…but it was a good season opener. Mike needs to stop with his constant remarks about him and Snooki hooking up a million years ago. She’s hooked up with Vinny since then…so really Mike get over yourself.

The episode takes off with the crew leaving Italy…and literally going to the Shore house. When I mean literally…they land in NYC…and drive straight to Seaside Heights. It’s definitely understandable why Vinny had such an urge to go home…and just take a break. They must’ve been sick of each other! The crew gets settled in…they have a cute night together on the boardwalk and visit Danny. They’ll be working at the Shore Store once again…and Danny invites them for drinks the next night.

When they arrive at the bar the following night…the crew is surprised by a mob of their family and friends. Vinny breaks down when he sees his adorable mother…and Snooki falls in love with Jionni all over again.

Mike starts his drama with buddy “The Unit” who was a witness to the Mike and Snooki hook up. Anyways, Snooki apologizes to The Unit the next morning..she doesn’t want to piss him off since he’s holding the key to this huge secret. I’m over this story…they need to come up with better drama.

Ryder and Pauly hook up…poor Deena tries to come in the middle of it- but realizes she’s never going to smush Pauly. Waah!

Vinny starts feeling anxious in the house…and decides he wants to go home. We know Vinny does go home for a day or two…but returns to the Shore house. Obviously…who would deny themselves of that much cash!?

Anyways, keep watching…it might just be an amazing final season. Either way…I’m glad it’s the last one.

Check out my video I did with the funniest moments from Episode 1 of Season 5. Enjoy!

One thought on “Jersey Shore: They’re Back!!

  1. elina January 14, 2012 / 5:36 PM

    My god! Pauly D are you insane? really RYDER??
    damn what an ugly whore!!!

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