RHOBH: Housewives In Hawaii

After the holiday break, the housewives from Beverly Hills are back in business…and ready for a vaca in Hawaii. As if their lives were completely hectic..and as if Beverly Hills was such a terrible place to live in…the couples plus Camille and Brandi decided to head to Hawaii for Mauricio’s birthday.

After the craziness of Kyle’s White Party…Taylor and Russell were no longer invited to Hawaii. When Russell threatened Camille with a lawsuit for repeating things about his and Taylor’s marriage (that were only said to her by Taylor)…the rest of the gang didn’t find it legally responsible to be hanging out with the dude that might serve them up with papers if they were to say the wrong thing.

Kyle’s party looked like a ton of fun…if you didn’t count the part where Taylor was disinvited…or the part where Kim was making out with her boyfriend on the dancefloor.

Everyone’s at the airport…and as always they’re waiting for Kim who is running late. It’s 45 minutes until departure and she’s still at home looking for her passport. Clearly, she’s going to miss the flight…and starts looking for the next available one. Paul (Adrienne’s husband) is on the later flight as well since he had a business meeting to stay back for. Everything seems to be going smoothly…until Brandi whose afraid of flying…takes too many Xanax…and she’s literally slurring her words. She can barely keep her head up in the airplane…she looks like she’s dying. Although it probably wasn’t as bad as when she used to roofie herself just to get through the plane ride. (Yes, she told that story)

Finally, they land in Hawaii…where they have to take a bus ride to their hotel. During the bus ride…Brandi can’t stop talking and is literally the funniest person ever. She’s intoxicated…she’s high…I don’t know what she is but she can’t seem to keep her mouth closed. I still don’t understand why she was on that trip. Who invited her?

The Four Seasons (Waikiki) is beautiful…when is the Four Seasons anything but beautiful. This episode actually made me want to go to Hawaii…it looked stunning. Too bad the ladies didn’t think the same…all they did was sit around, lay on the beach and admire the view! Girls, get in there! The water looked stunning, I don’t even know how the ladies managed to sit there looking pretty. The true Hollywood Housewife.

Everyone gets settled in…Brandi gets a little too cozy with Ken…and Lisa marks her territory! Ken is frigin’ adorable…he clearly knows Brandi’s trying to hit on him…but he starts playing innocent- he’s just so funny. I actually wish Lisa and Ken were my parents.

Camille and Brandi seem to bond over a tanning session…but mostly because they were once married to actors. Once on the beach, the drama heats up when Lisa receives a phone call from Taylor back home. She tells them that her and Russell are officially over, they’ve both decided to end their marriage and just focus on being parents to Kennedy. The season’s coming to an end, and we know it was around that time when Russell committed suicide. Even though Taylor thought she was beginning to turn her life around, it was about to get a whole lot worse. Lisa started tearing up…and I can’t imagine how supportive the rest of the women were for Taylor.

Never leave a housewife behind.


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