The Return of VD and JS!

Next week is going to be a HUGE week in television…well at least for me. Two of my favourite shows are premiering…Vampire Diaries returns after their mid-season break…and the highly anticipated but potentially disastrous season of the Jersey Shore premieres on MTV. Both premiering on January 5th. I can’t wait.

The VD trailer doesn’t look all that great…it seems like they’re trying to hype something that’s probably going to be a let down.Personally, I’m over the whole Klaus storyline…so I’d rather them just get on with the season so we can see something different- like Elena and Damon hook up!

I must say, the Jersey Shore trailer does look entertaining…at least more entertaining than the Italy season. The cast is back in their stomping grounds…but Vinny doesn’t seem too excited. If you don’t remember…a few months back when they were filming the Seaside season, Vinny did leave…but only for a few days…and then he came crawling back to the house. So don’t worry…Vinny doesn’t leave.

Here are both the trailers for your entertainment. Enjoy!



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