American Horror Story: FINALE!!!

HOLY S***!!! My mouth is still open after watching the American Horror Story season finale on FX. I think all the scary moments were over for the season (which is a good thing)…I had a feeling this episode would explain a lot…and set the foundations for the next season. We know mother Vivien and daughter Violet were dead…stuck in the house but the question was what’s going to happen to the dad Ben? And more importantly…their son.


We find out Constance (the crazy next door neighbour) has their son…and has decided to raise him- obviously she doesn’t want him anywhere near the house. Ben arrives to pick up his son…Constance is hesitant to give him to Ben…but he takes his son anyways.

Actually the saddest scene in the episode…Ben starts preparing things on the kitchen counter…and you realize he’s getting everything ready before Vivien’s sister arrives from Florida. He’s planning to kill himself…and let the aunt take care of Ben. He gets a gun and is about to kill himself, but he can’t bring himself to actually do it.

On a side note…we learn that the ghosts in the house only appear in real life form when they want to be seen. So if they want to remain hidden, they can. I was wondering how that worked earlier on in the season. Anyways, in the beginning Vivien doesn’t want Ben to see her because if he does, he’ll never want to leave the house. But, when he’s about to kill himself she shows up…so does his daughter Violet and they beg him to just leave the house with the son…and never come back. He rushes upstairs…packs everything..but while he’s coming down the stairs crazy bitch Hayden stops him…and the burnt guy start beating him up. They tie a rope around his neck and throw him over the staircase…and he eventually dies. (I don’t understand why Vivien or Violet couldn’t save him here)

Constance shows up a few hours later…(we learn this from her confession to the police)…she finds Ben dead hanging on the rope and tells him what an idiot he is. She knew something like this would happen. Anyways, she starts looking for the boy…she finds him downstairs with Hayden. Her ex-boyfriend AKA Daniel from Y and R cuts Hayden’s throat…and hands the baby over to Constance. She takes him to her house to never return again.

Ben is reunited with his family…such a cute scene…you can’t help but to be happy for them, even though they’re all dead. A new latino family decides to move into the house…the couple fall in love with the house immediately…so they move in (they have one son). That night Vivien and Ben decide they need to save the latino family…by scaring them far away from the house. Sh** goes down at night…they spook the hell out of them and the family legit runs out half naked into their car…and drives off. Vivien hears a baby crying…she heads downstairs to find Norma with the baby that came out of Vivien…but it died. At first your confused…because your like wait didn’t the baby die?…but then you realize omg the baby is a ghost to! Vivien takes the baby because Norma confesses she doesn’t have the patience to look after a baby…one of the final scenes with the family is Violet putting up the Christmas tree and Vivien and Ben are holding the newborn or newdead baby. So cute.

In the final scene, which takes place three years later…Constance goes out to the hair salon. She has this amazing monologue..talking about her ‘son’…and that she was being challenged through all this grief to raise him….because he’s so perfect bla bla bla. When she returns home…there’s blood in the kitchen and up the stairs. She goes into the boys room…the nanny is dead on the floor…and the little boy whose probably just smiling and sitting in the rocking chair with blood on it while you hear that creepy song from Kill Bill that played while Tate killed the high school students.

Oh man, it’s going to be a crazy second season!! Can’t wait!

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