Kendall’s Swaggin’ Sweet 16!!

If you missed it,don’t worry there will be repeats. Last night E! had a special episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians:Kendall’s Sweet 16. Because at this point…we shouldn’t even be surprised the Kardashian-Jenner clan finds anything and everything to televise. What I was surprised at was how generous and kind Kendall (the second youngest) was, and how determined she was to give back to the world.

Fave sissy Khloe took Kendall on a toy shopping spree (my dream)…and then took all the toys to the Los Angeles Children’s Hospital (so cute). Obviously, Mother Kris was busy planning the entire party…she even thought of flying everyone out to the Bahamas…Kendall argues with her mom that she just wants a simple party with a few friends…nothing crazy. Clearly, she doesn’t know how her mom works yet.

Rob was missing from the entire episode…we see a bit of him at the end…I was truly dissapointed.

Anyways, Kendall fails her driving test and throws a tempter tantrum at Bruce for not understand how she feels…yes we know Kendall, it’s like the world is coming to an end…and nothing else really matters. In the end she passes her license…and gets her dream car. A gas guzzling black Range Rover.

In the midst of all the crazy party planning drama…Kendall plans a ‘secret’ trip to Vegas to get a tattoo that Bruce is forbidding her from getting. Kendall and Kylie take a day trip to Sin City (this trip was totally planned by Kris)…Kendall chickens out on the tattoo…and Kylie goes A-wall at the Sugar Factory (another plug). My guess, they made a trip to Vegas for the Sugar Factory…and decided to film the ‘tattoo drama’ along with that…to fill the one hour time slot.

Anyways, enough about TV magic. Kendall picks out the venue…which is at some hotel in West Hollywood and it’s on the rooftop. I almost died…the place was stunning! I actually lived vicariously through Kendall last night…because I so would’ve chosen that place for my birthday…if I was a millionaire! Bruce plans this entire security lockdown system to filter out the bad kids from the good. He was making sure none of the kids were bringing in alchohol. Come on Bruce, this is Beverly Hills, kids bring cocaine not alchohol. Halfway through the party Kendall finds out some kids tried sneaking in some booze…probably from mama Kris who was swinging back the drinks all night! She gets Khloe to make a speech…and reminds the crowd that this isn’t a 21+ party…and that Kendall does not condone underage drinking. Boo.

Tyga ended up being the surprise performer…he was alright. I mean, we would’ve liked to see Drake but whatevs. Party seemed live enough, Daddy Bruce left halfway through the party because his ears were ringing and it was past his bedtime. Kendall has a sleepover at the hotel…and we’re assuming the rest of the night was awesome.

She’s one luck b****!


2 thoughts on “Kendall’s Swaggin’ Sweet 16!!

  1. emma mainwaring January 5, 2012 / 5:54 PM

    Could you please tell me when this special episode is repeated on e ?

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