KKTNY: Hotel Paaaaarty!!

Last night was another episode of Kourtney and Kim Take New York…that was jam packed with typical Kardashian drama. No, really…there was so much drama I couldn’t even handle it. I mean, the drama between Kim and Jonathan…the Twitter war!? O-M-G…they took it to the next level. Kris also has a little of his own drama…when he decides to buy enough alchohol to quench an entire army…all for a ‘handful’ of people? Oh Kris, why won’t you realize your Lake Minnetonka games and lies won’t fly with the Princess of reality TV.

When Kourtney,Mason and Kim fly back to LA for some promo thing for their Sears collection…Kris and Scott (well mostly Kris) decides he’s going to have a small party in their suite…and the girls won’t find out. Kris, I’m not sure if you realize that there are cameras in your home…and have been around you since you met Kim…but everything is taped. That tape gets sent to the E! head office…gets edited…and then broadcasted all over North America. She’s going to find out…and even if you were fake playing dumb…you f***in suck.

Scott realizes he’s out of touch with his religious Jewish roots…and plans a meeting at a bar with a Rabbi. Late to the synagogue, and full of profanity, Scott genuinely looks like a man who is desperate to return to his familial roots. In the end, he has some dinner with Kourtney, Mason, and some Jewish people. Yay!

Moving on to the elephant in the room…best friends Jonathan and Kim almost break up their relationship…because Jonathan is writing a book. (Gasp) Yes, he’s actually branching away from the Kardashian name…and taking the higher road that all C-List celebrities tend to do these days…and that’s writing a ‘tell-all’ But, I forgot to mention the part where it’s basically answering the question…How Kim became a star…

Aside from the fact that I can answer that quizzical question in two words…sex and tape- Kim gets furious with Jonathan when she assumes his book is all about trashing her. They meet at some restaurant…(I’m assuming this scene was staged)…she yells at Jonathan..and before he can say anything…or even order his food…Kim storms out. They continue their argument over Twitter…making fun of each other…and I really salute Kim for being able to fight through the Twitter war while she was promoting her Kardashian Kollection at Sears. Here’s to you Kimmy!

Later, we realize his book isn’t about trashing her…it’s about educating people on how to become rich and famous. Kim calls Jonathan to apologize. He’s ignoring her…she shows up at his condo…and he’s still mad at her…kicks her out. But the episode still has 10 minutes left!!

Just in time, Jonathan shows up at Kim’s suite and is ready to forgive her…they’ve put the Twitter scandal behind them…and promise to never…ever insult each other in 140 characters or less. The girls find out Kris threw the ‘rager’…Kim flips out…and checks off another reason on her list why the marriage should end.

In the end, everyone forgives everyone…everyone is happy…and we’ll see what happens next week.



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