RHOBH: Vegas Baby Vegas!

This week on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Lisa’s daughter Pandora has her bachelorette party in Vegas…and Adrienne decides to take the rest of the women who weren’t invited…to Vegas anyways. Adrienne’s family owns the Palms resort…so obviously she has all the hook ups. Lisa has an old friend that owns Planet Hollywood so her and her daughter’s friends got to stay there, while Adrienne was a little upset at Lisa because she didn’t choose her family’s hotel for Pandora’s party.

Anyways, the ladies minus Kyle head to Vegas…Taylor awkwardly stays with Lisa…Kim is absent once again- having some lame excuse that she was moving and hurt her neck…seriously woman how long does it take to move!?…they all go to Chippendale’s and Lisa wins the award for best lapdance.  Adrienne and the ladies have their night out, which doesn’t look as fun…they spend it mostly in the hotel…which was probably Adrienne’s idea of plugging the Palm’s, knowing Lisa would be promoting Planet H. Brandi gets awkward as she grinds up on Camille…who finds it weird at first…but then blows it off because heck she loves to dance!

Kyle stays back in LA because she has a photo shoot for her book (it’s easy these days to land your own book deal)…and plans for her big ‘white themed’ party that they’ll be showing next week. While Kyle is shopping with her mother-in-law…she runs into her sister Kim. They start talking, Kim gets emotional when she opens up about her kids not liking her boyfriend. Kyle is worried about her because she’s lost a ton of weight, either way it’s a sad situation…and I’m sure it’s really hard on Kim.

Not much else happened, except for Dana showing off the crazy amounts of money she has…from doing nobody knows what…and proves to us that spending $1million on a diamond lollipop holder is worth every thousand.

The previews for next week look ah-mazing!



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