SUITS: Boy Has My Attention!

I truly regret not blogging about this subject before- Suits is at the top of my favourite shows to watch list. I’ve been addicted to Sons Of Anarchy for quite a while, but I must admit, as soon as I heard about Suits– it was all I could watch. Number one Harvey played by (Gabriel Macht) is way too distracting in his sexified suits. And his baby blue-eyed protege Mike Ross played by Patrick J. Adams who is from my hometown Toronto,Canada is the most charming fake Harvard Law graduate to ever be on tv! Anyways, the show is just amazing, the writing is extremely addicting, I literally watched the entire first season in maybe 2 weeks. The characters really grow throughout the season, each one bringing something different to the table. Some of the actors actually improv their scenes, and it really improves the feel of the show.

The show was created by Aaron Korsh and was premiered on the USA channel this past summer. I won’t bother giving you a synopsis about it, just go watch it! You can find all the episodes online…and Season 2 starts up again this summer which sucks because they’re making us wait a long…long time! Here is an interview with Aaron Korsh talking about some of the characters…and somethings to look forward to in Season 2.

Click here.

Season 1 cliffhanger was too much to handle…I’ll keep an eye out for Season 2 sneak peeks.


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