Kris Humphries: Not Getting A Divorce!

Oh man, this entire Kim Kardashian/Kris Humphries drama will never end! Once again, reports are surfacing that Kris has decided not to sign the divorce agreement…or however it works…instead he’s asking a judge for an annulment. Apparently, Kristopher is extremely religious, and he would rather the marriage have not even existed….then have it deemed as a ‘divorce’.

This doesn’t come as a surprise, because yesterday TMZ reported Kris believed he was just a ‘pawn’ in the Kardashian wedding fiasco…and he could’ve been replaced by anyone! Um…Kris…don’t you think you’ve realized that a little too late? I mean, getting married after only 3 months…she requested a diamond ring that costed more than your entire NBA career…and you still didn’t think this could’ve been a stunt?If the judge refuses to grant an annulment, Kris will then ask for a legal separation. However, a legal separation apparently prevents you from marrying again in the future.

I don’t know if this wedding thing was a sham…I’m hoping that it wasn’t..and I really hope Kim was just extremely desperate to get married and find the man of her dreams. But, you can’t put it past a mother and daughter team that made money off Kim’s sex tape. I mean really.

Either that, or Kris is in on this entire thing and he’s just trying to cause hype around their new season of KKTNY (which Kris is featured in)…$$$.

What do you guys think?

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