Breaking Dawn: O-M-G!

—-Spoiler Alert—-

So I finally brought myself to watch Breaking Dawn and it was ah-mazing! One thing I would tell movie goers is to not critique the movies unless you’ve read the books. Not to bash the Twilight movies, I think each one has done the job in expressing the story…but you can never ever re-create the books.

Having said that, Breaking Dawn was everything I wanted and more! I didn’t even realize they were going to show the scene where Bella’s giving birth…but they did and it was pretty nasty. They actually did a really good job at the POV shots…so the audience gets to see what Bella’s seeing…it really pulls you into the experience. Also, another scene I really liked was when Jacob leaves the Cullen’s mansion after he’s found out Bella’s going to die…he turns into a wolf…and he starts running through the forest and it’s another POV shot…this time we see what Jacob sees (through his wolf eyes). Memories start flashing in front of him, you hear different voices, and it’s actually a really sad and painful moment for him.

Okay, but what was up with the whole wolf mind talking scene? I’ve read all the Twilight books, so I know they’ve had that capability from the beginning, but people who haven’t read the books, and are experiencing this mind reading thing for the first time…it must’ve been weird. I mean, it was weird for me, and a little cheesy I must say. (If you haven’t seen the film, it sort of sounded like in Lion King when Simba’s trying to contact his dead father…and then his father appears from the sky)…I loved the Lion King version…not so much the Jacob version.

The wedding was beautiful, the art director really did an amazing job…especially the scene where Bella and Edward are swimming in the water with the full moon above them. I think the most important element of Breaking Dawn was to express the Bella/Edward love connection, and it’s really hard to do something like that in 120 minutes. I have to say, they did an amazing job, there are a lot of scenes where it’s just them two, not too much dialogue, and everything unraveled onto the screen how I pictured it in my mind. And yes, we finally did get to see the two do the deed…although it could’ve been longer!

Bella gets pregnant, Edward hates himself, Jacob wants to kill him…and Rosalie just wants the damn baby in her arms! Let me tell you, the last hour of this film was intense!! There are so many different emotions that you’re feeling from each character, the tension between the wolves and the vampires was so furious I had to put down my popcorn! So, I will ruin the ending, if you haven’t read the books then you shouldn’t be reading this post.

When they have to pull the baby out of Bella, she literally looks like she’s going to die. And she does…and then Edward pumps his vampire venom into her…but she’s still ‘dead’. It takes a few days for the venom to absorb through her body, and I think in the book she’s passed out for 2 or 3 days…and then she wakes up as a you know what. That scene was ah-mazing!! Yes, it calls for an ah-mazing…not just ‘amazing’. When Bella ‘dies’ she looks like she’s dead…she’s so skinny, she has bruises everywhere…but throughout the days the venom starts working in her body, her hair becomes longer, her skin becomes white ( a healthy white), she gets thicker, and she looks amazing. In the final scene, everyone is surrounding her…and they sort of wait for the moment, as if they know its about to happen. The camera pans over to her eyes…and you’re just waiting!!! And they open…can you guess what colour they are??

Until the next one…xo

PS…wait until the end of the film there’s a bonus scene!

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