KKTNY: Season Premiere!

Finally! My favourite time of the year…no not Christmas…it’s that time again when E! brings us another season of our favourite family reality series Kourtney and Kim Take New York. I have to say, I was a little hesitant about watching the season opener, I felt like it was going to be way overrated (how it is usually)…just because I knew E! would want to milk the entire divorce thing…and they did. Well in the beginning. The rest…was pretty entertaining.

The episode started off with the recent headlines about Kim and Kris’ divorce…and then the typical ‘8 weeks earlier’ screen…and then were taken back to Hollywood circa the days following Kim and Kris’ honeymoon. Everything seems to be going smoothly…well mostly everything. Scott/Kourtney/Mason are already in NYC…inside their gorgeous suite…and Kim and Kris are getting ready to hit the east coast.

Ten minutes into the episode…and I remembered all the reasons I hated Kris…well I shouldn’t say hate…I really mean annoyed.

Anyways, I don’t want to get into the details. They all move in together, and at first it seems like a good idea…but then Scott realizes he’s mad at Kourtney for constantly getting mad at him so he decides to move out..except not really because he just leaves for the day and visits a friend.

Kourtney was acting weird towards Scott…(they don’t sleep in the same bed?)…but she’s clearly looking out for herself and her son…which is the most important.

Kris gets mad at Kim when he walks into the suite and finds a naked yoga instructor. They fight…they make up and he leaves for Milwaukee to continue his training…whatever he’s training for. (yes I realize he’s in the NBA- but is he really?) He says there’s too many distractions in NYC..and he really needs to focus on his ‘career’.

Unfortunately…KKTNY is missing my favourite two Kardashian’s- Rob and Khloe…but it definitely does look like a good season…so stay tuned. Besides why wouldn’t you? Jersey Shore doesn’t start until January!



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