If 9021o isn’t cancelled after this season…then I will be extremely surprised. I don’t know where the writer’s have gone…because this show sucks! I keep watching it just because I’m a devoted fan…and still hope it’s going to pick up and take over the CW Network like Vampire Diaries. Anyways, Dickson gets A to drive him to rehab. The rehab facility that costs $40,000 but no problem for Annie because she’s a hooker! No, really…even when she found out her sugar daddy boyfriend cheats on her whenever he leaves LA…she still stuck around for that cash flow. Smart girl.

Noami…I have no idea where Austin was.

Silver finds out she accidentally sent the video of Teddy getting ‘married’ in Vegas to Brandy’s political campaign office. Brandy found the video and obviously leaked it. Teddy was working for the opposition.

Teddy and Liam have an awkward boys night out as they steal two race cars…and start racing on a closed track that is magically lit at night…but the police show up in the end…Liam breaks his ankle…and his modelling agency forces him to do some cheesy ad campaign. He has no choice.

Who else?

I feel like they write the show a few days before filming…it has no depth…everything is completely predictable…and there’s nothing that’s pulling you in to watch for next week’s episode.

Oh! And Raj is cancer free which means he’s going to survive…Somehow he’s a med student? We never knew this before…but apparently his dream is becoming a doctor…so now that he’s going to live he’s going to med school! Ivy enters a photography contest that’s giving out a prize trip to New Guinea. Obviously, she wins…and obviously the person she’s going with is her hot photography teacher. What a shocker.

I would say stay tuned…but for your own sanity. Don’t.


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