Vampire Diaries: Mid-Season Finale!

Last night’s episode of Vampire Diaries left me extremely confused. I almost wished they had called and asked me to write the final episode…(the new ones start back January 5th)…I felt like there was way too much going on…yet something was missing.

In the midst of all this Michael/Klaus business…they could’ve had Elena and Stephen talk it out…or I don’t know at least have a romantical moment! Give us something!! But no, there was no awkward-silent, looking into each others eyes’ moment for them! Truly dissapointing. I think I missed the first 10 minutes of the episode, I caught on when Damon/Michael were about to go meet Klaus…because Klaus wanted Stefan to bring his body to him.

Tyler sedates Caroline in hopes of protecting her from the ‘battle’. Damon almost kills Tyler but Bonnie comes to the rescue when she puts a spell on both of them to back away from each other. Michael shows us the only object that can actually kill an original- not just put them to sleep.

Damon’s plan is basically fool proof…nothing can go wrong. Oh, but it will. There’s a huge party at Tyler’s…Michael can’t get in because he obviously needs to be invited first. Damon has the weapon that can kill Klaus…Michael appears at the door…and he has a quick chat with Klaus. Except Michael can’t get in…but Klaus can get out.

Michael pulls Elena and stabs her…Klaus freaks out because if she dies he won’t be able to create anymore hybrids. At the same time he can’t save her because the second he exits the house Michael will kill him. Right then Damon comes from behind Klaus and stabs him with the only weapon that can kill an original- but of course Stefan breaks it all up. Right before Klaus gets killed…Stefan throws Damon off of Klaus…Michael shocked just stands there…Klaus grabs the weapon and leaps for Michael…he stabs him and Michael’s dead.

Oh, and Elena wasn’t really Elena it was really Katherine. So, basically she’s a dead girl now because Klaus is going to want to kill her. Anyways, here’s where I’m confused. Klaus thanks Stefan…Stefan asks for his freedom back…which means Klaus can’t control him anymore. Klaus grants him his wish and thanks Stefan for saving his life. Damon’s back at the mansion with real Elena..and they talk it out…Damon is frusturated that Stefan would break it all up after he had such a fool proof plan.

Caroline breaks up with Tyler after she can’t accept the fact that he’s still being controlled by Klaus. Tyler admits that he’s okay with being a hybrid because it allows him to control his werewolf transformation. He doesn’t have to become a werewolf at every full moon anymore, saving himself the pain. Caroline can’t deal- so they’re over.

In the end we see Katherine driving with Stefan…who unravels another side to the entire episode. I don’t know how this worked, but if he were to let Michael kill Klaus, Damon would’ve died. I’m lost here. Why would Damon die if Klaus died? Was there some sort of link between them? Anyways, Damon doesn’t know this, so he’s mad at Stefan. Stefan has no desire to tell him the truth. But it seems like Stefan is becoming his old self again, but he’s afraid to return to the people who love him the most.

The last scene, we see Stefan in a room full of coffins…he calls Klaus right when Klaus realizes his truck full off coffins is missing. I’m assuming those coffins are full of hybrids? I’m confused here as well. Like I said, I wish they would’ve ended off with Elena/Stefan or even Elena/Damon!

It wasn’t the mid-season finale ending I was hoping for! But some people disagreed so watch and find out for yourself!


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