How To Make It:ALL NEW!

When Bryan Greenberg (Ben Epstein) tweeted Sunday night that this week’s episode of How To Make It In America was going to be hotter than last week’s…I took his word for it. And he didn’t dissapoint!

Ben hooks up with their potential business partner Nancy at the end of last week’s episode…and then continues on in the beginning of this week’s. When they see each other at the office a few hours later…the boys are ready to make their deal with the two blondes who want to order 5000 Crisp hoodies. Then, surprisingly we find out that the company whose going to be actually making the hoodies- is Nancy’s husband. Turns out he’s some huge guy in the fashion world…super rich…and he handles all of Nancy’s clients orders.

Awkward for Ben who didn’t know Nancy was married…just divorced. They meet up for lunch and discuss what happened the night before…Nancy tells Ben it was just another drunken night and that she’s happily married. Ben agrees with her but obviously isn’t as thrilled…clearly they’re going to hook up again. Ben confesses to Cam that he hooked up with Nancy, but he promises for the sake of Crisp that it will never happen again.

Cam’s uncle has to deal with the pressures of the Jamaican community coming down hard on him for marketing a ‘racist’ brand like Rasta Monstah. He basically meets with this community worker…and tells him to f off. Then the guy shows Rene the spray weed bottle…and says he’ll show the police what Rene is really sending..and its back to jail for Rene. Except that Rene has no idea what the spray weed bottle is…because it was Kid Cudi who starting making them without permission. Uh oh!

Seems like Cam and LuLu are enjoying each other. And it looks like the boys are loving their lives right now. When they finally meet Yoshi (Nancy’s husband) he couldn’t be any cooler. He gives the guys a bonus for signing each $10,000. He then invites them to his birthday party that night…on a boat!.

When the boys arrive to the party…all seems to be going well. Yoshi seems to love the boys, and they’re getting along perfectly. Then Yoshi tells Cam to find Ben so they can take shots together…and then we see Ben and Nancy hooking up again…for the last closing scene!

Things about to get cray cray!!


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