RHOBH: Wackjobs All Over Town!

This week’s episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was actually really funny. It was Pandora’s engagement party/a dinner party at Taylor’s with Mauricio and Kyle.

Finally, we didn’t see one-legged Brandi…and all her nonsense drama. So, Taylor invites Kyle/Mauricio and their youngest daughter for dinner since Taylor’s daughter is the same age. At the dinner table Russell brings up the fact that there was an article in US Weekly saying Taylor and him were separated. Obviously, not true at the time..and Russell started accusing Lisa of being the one to spill the beans.

Kyle wasn’t buying it…she defended Lisa the entire time…obviously Russell was agitated at the entire thing because his relationship with his wife did suck…and we all know it was on the verge of ending!

Moving on to more interesting events…what I learned from Pandora’s engagement party:

1. The housewives are absolutely hilarious

2. There are wack jobs all over Beverly Hills

Some rich guy Mohamed whose also Pandora’s godfather throws a huge Moroccan themed party at his mega mega mansion. Once everyone arrives, the party moves downstairs where Mohamed has disguised his ballroom into a huge Moroccan tent. Yes, I said ballroom. He has a ballroom in his basement…crazy? The feel of the party seemed real genuine, everyone looked like they were having a good time, cracking jokes, and doing the splits. Kyle decides to perform some crazy gymnastic moves in front of everyone! She’s so funny.

Paul…Adrienne’s husband is actually hilarious…I love watching him…and this time he sets on a mission to find Mohamed’s hidden ‘sex’ room..behind some secret wall. This guy’s house is nuts. And that wasn’t the only thing nuts…the ladies meet Martin’s lady ‘friend’ whose clearly a wacko…not even in disguise…she’s just a wacko. Even Taylor and Camille were weirded out by her calling her husband ‘daddy’. And can I take the time to mention how weird Mohamed’s hired entertainers were! The funniest moment was when Camille steps out to the poolside…and sees the weird mermaid girl literally flopping on the cement…she was SO confused…it was the funneist thing ever.

Lisa is always hilarious…she’s so confident yet she finds the opportunities to poke fun at herself…especially because she’s the oldest housewife.

Overall, the party seemed to be pumpin’…and it looked like the housewives got along just fine. Mauricio looked sexay as always.

And then the shocker…in the end we see Kim whose on some secret date with her boyfriend of one year!! But, they look adorable together and it’s time for Kim to be happy!…we’ll see what happens next week.


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