Vampire Diaries: Ghost Town Literally!

Don’t worry if you missed Vampire Diaries last night- you’ll survive. The episode was really just wasn’t as good as last week’s. Basically when Bonnie brought Jeremy back to life at the end of last season- the witches told her there would be consequences for altering the balance of nature. We know now that Jeremy can see ghosts…Anna to be specific (the vampire he fell in love with). Last week’s episode left off with Damon getting beat up by Mason (Tyler’s uncle…who unfortunately died last season) So all these ghosts are back in town (including Bonnie’s dead grandmother)…and when Bonnie tries to reverse the spell it actually opens the door to the other side..and now everyone can see everyone. Meaning…Alaric can now see Mason…whereas before only Damon could see him.

Thankfully, along with the other ghosts Lexi returns…whose known Stephen since his existence. She teaches Elena how to train him to become his old self- by tying him up in a dungeon and torturing him until he’s normal Stephen. She tells Elena it’ll take a while…but the old Stephen is in there somewhere. Before Elena leaves…and after Lexi dissapears…Elena tells Stephen he should try really hard to find his old self..because she can’t be in love with a ghost forever. (So sad!)

Jeremy finally gets over the fact that Anna is a ghost…and he has to give her up.

Mason and Damon head down the old Lockwood tunnels…and right before Mason tells Damon what he’s found he poofs. Bonnie’s ending spell sends all the ghosts back to where they belonged. Damon…stuck behind some invisible wall calls Alaric to help him discover what it was that Mason finds. It’s some drawings on the wall…not really sure what they mean!

Tune in next week!

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