RHONJ: Reunion Part II

This week has been a little slow in the world of television…not a lot happened on DWTS except for Chaz getting booted off (that was inevitable). Then, out of left field CW failed to bring us a brand new episode of 90210 Tuesday night! Crazy, right?

And, I don’t know if you’ve been keeping up with Dirty Soap…but I recently caught up on some of the episodes..and it’s kind of lame. I feel like the fake drama is at an ultimate high…where even I can’t stand to watch it. And trust me, I have a pretty high tolerance for bad TV. Anyways, we can always count on our housewives to get us through a rough week…especially when it’s the Real Housewives of New Jersey Reunion Special Part II!!!

I have to say…I think Bravo could’ve fit the Reunion Special into one episode…but obviously they wanted more $$$ so they opted for the Part I/Part II deal. I felt like last week’s episode was dragged on…and a few things were talked about more than they should have- because they needed enough content for the 2-part special. I wasn’t as excited to watch Part II…I think Caroline ruined Teresa in the first half…there literally is nothing else to say to her.

So, apparently Dina doesn’t talk to her sister Caroline anymore. If you’ve seen the original season- you’ll know who Dina is…the blonde one with the weird nose. Anyways, she left the show…and I guess she had a falling out with her sister Caroline and her sister-in-law Jacqueline. Andy kept asking Caroline why they don’t talk anymore…and Caroline basically insinuated that Teresa is the reason they don’t talk anymore. Dina and Teresa talk…so she’s only mad at Caroline. Nobody knows why…but there definitely is some family drama that doesn’t involve the Giudices.

Teresa is so full of sh*t…even when Andy asks Kathy about her daughter’s past she has to take the stage. Kathy’s daughter Victoria had a brain tumour when she was 10…Teresa literally interrupts and says she was at the hospital everyday (nobody asked Teresa if she was at the hospital…nobody cares!!)

Seriously, Teresa has some crazy ass issues- everyone is against Teresa…and she still can’t admit that she’s legit insane. I love when Melissa stands up to her…and she’s actually telling Teresa how crazy she’s being and she needs to come back to reality.

You all just need to watch it for yourselves..it’s almost too ridiculous to talk about. Or just wait until Season 4!



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