RHOBH: Swimmin’ With The Fishes

Really though nothing interesting happened on this week’s episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. As usual, one of the housewives’- Adrienne decides to throw a party/spa day at her mansion…and invites everyone…including Broken Foot Brandi. If you’ve been watching the season you’ll know everyone pretty much hates Brandi- especially after she accused Kim of using ‘crystal meth’.

Adrienne really wants to work it out between Brandi/Kyle and Kim. The episode was really annoying because all you see for 45 minutes is Kyle and Kim deciding whether or not they even want to speak to Brandi. They’re like a bunch of grade school girls. Finally, Kyle and Brandi talk it out but Brandi isn’t apologetic…she feels she was attacked by Kim and Kyle for saying they didn’t want to be in her group. (Ouch! that is hurtful)…Anyways…the most interesting thing is probably Lisa’s friend Mohammed’s mega mega mansion. This is beyond any mansion we’ve seen in the BH…ever. 60,000 square feet…and he lives with his girlfriend. Really?

I don’t get it.

Camille is really boring this season…but I actually like her better this way. She’s trying real hard to avoid the drama…and seems like she’s focused on her kids and getting them through her divorce with Frasier.

Also, Adrienne has her own spa!? Seriously, these people are unreal. Mauricio (Kyle’s husband is actually the hottest husband in Real Housewives history…and the girls don’t resolve anything with Brandi.

Next week everyone head’s over to Mohammed’s mansion for Lisa’s daughters engagement party. Yay!


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