Vampire Diaries: Vampire Problems!

The episode of Vampire Diaries last night was AMAZING!! I’ve never experienced an hour fly by as fast as it did through last night’s episode. Seriously, if you’re not watching this show because you think it’s just another CW teen drama- you’re mistaken! It’s really well done…the writing isn’t geared just for teens…and if I could work on any production set I’d work on VD. It’s take a lot to make a show like this work (graphics)- with all the vampires/witches/werewolves…and the VD team pulls it off phenomenally each and every week.

Moving on to what happened…a whole lot!

Seems like Caroline was dealing with some serious Vampire Problems. Since Tyler is a hybrid now…he’s acting like a complete jerk…especially towards Caroline. The new girl at school- Rebecca AKA the original Vampire AKA she was literally dead 2 episodes ago is after Tyler. Anyways, Tyler has the hots for her…and in the end of the episode we see Rebecca handing a girl over to Tyler to bite. So basically Tyler is evil now. Typical high school problems…only with vampires.

So Matt brought Vicky (his sister) back from the dead…except she had an evil side to her. Basically, the original witch whose also dead told Vicky she would bring her back to life if she killed Elena (the key to Klaus creating hybrids) Matt obviously didn’t know this…anyways he brings her back she knocks him over the head…and starts looking for some pot. No I mean Elena.

I’m actually enjoying Stefan’s and Elena’s dynamic right now…it’s really funny and a huge change from how they were all lovey dovey last season. Stefan has to make sure Elena stays alive for Klaus…therefore wherever Elena goes Stefan follows. Elena has a plan to lock up Stefan in the dungeon.

Damon has to flirt with Klaus’ sister Rebecca to distract her…Elena sees this and gets jealous. So, Elena heads to the football field where she’s acting drunk…and dangerous. Stefan tells her he’ll drive her home…instead she decides to hang off the top of the bleachers…and fall down. Obviously, Stefan catches her…and they have a sexy moment- right before Alaric shoots Stefan in the back.

Stefan’s knocked out in the back of Alaric’s car. Elena gets in the car while Alaric is outside. Vicky (well her ghost) locks Elena in the car…and lights the gasoline trail around the car on fire. Basically Elena is roasting in the truck…with Stefan passed out in the back. Alaric tries to help but he can’t get into the truck…Elena tries to wake up Stefan- he finally comes to, barely knowing where he is…he kicks the back of the truck off and Elena gets out…obviously pulling Stefan out before the truck explodes.

Finally, Bonnie finds a way to send Vicky back to wherever she came from. Matt accepts the fact that his sister is officially gone.

Back at the mansion…Damon tends to Elena’s wounds…and they almost kiss!! But Alaric ruins the moment once again telling Elena they should head home. Right before she leaves Stefan stops her and tells her she’s really pathetic for believing in him…and having hope that one day he’ll change back. And then she stabs him in the stomach and says she’s not pathetic…she’s just strong. Woohoo!

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