Season Finale of Jersey Shore

Last night was the Season Finale of Jersey Shore- and it was a long time coming. I have to say, I was quite dissapointed with the season MTV brought to us this season in Italy…I can only hope the final season at the Shore will be more eventful.

It seems like we weren’t the only ones excited about the finale…the jersey shore cast seemed excited to leave the mother land and return to where they  belong-the dirty shore. Everyone eventually got sick of Mike, he apologized for being an a**…and then he repeated everything all over again that same night. Of course, in the end Mike tells everyone he will be coming to the Shore…even though he kept repeating he didn’t want to spend another month with the same people, in the same house.

After watching last night’s episode…it’s clear to see why Vinny had to leave the Shore house for a few days to get away from everyone.

They’re all crazy!

Until the next season…


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