9O21O: DiX on Drugs

Here’s a quick review about what happened on this week’s 90210.

Dickson has a bloody nose…and he’s addicted to his medicine. Adrianna confronts him about his issues…and tells him she’ll help him with anything he needs. I don’t like her. Period.

Max broke up with Naomi once he realized she still has feelings for Austin.

Liam lands a modelling gig…after his photoshoot he feels really awkward…but in the end after seeing how much cash he just earned he decides this might be another career path.

Annie falls in love with an older man…when she decides to have dinner with him (since she’s an escort now)…they soon find out they have something really ‘special’. Except he’s really not creepy…he’s a good guy.

Raj finds out the chemo wasn’t helping him…and the only option they have to keep him alive is some really expensive treatment. Everyone decides to throw a fundraiser to raise money for him…in the end we find out Annie’s sugar daddy donates a ton of money for him. Yay! (Nobody knows Annie’s man is actually twice her age)


Navid tells his uncle he can’t get involved with the illegal business…his uncle threatens to hurt Silver if Navid backs out. In the end, Navid goes to the police for help…the officer tells him the only way they can bring his uncle down is if Navid works on the case from the inside. Basically, Navid would have to keep working for his uncle- which would mean no more Navid and Silver. Navid needs to stop putting his family into prison!

Don’t forget to watch Vampire Diaries tonight!!

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