RHONJ: Reunion Part I

What is this like the frigin’  Godfather Trilogy? Why is there Part 1 and Part 2 of the Real Housewives of New Jersey Reunion!! This is so crazy…and Bravo is hilarious for banking on these crazy women. Correction: Crazy Teresa. And when Crazy Teresa is faced with split screens- she can’t get away with her lies.

I don’t know if it’s just my screen…but why does everyone look orange? I know Melissa and Teresa always have that fake orange glow…but I’m actually shocked to see my two fave’s Caroline and Kathy beaming like two guidettes from the Shore.

So, right from the get go you can literally see the tension between two sides…well three if you count Kathy’s. There is obviously a divide between Teresa and Caroline. And, an even bigger divide from where Kathy is sitting on the couch to where Teresa is seated. Andy makes it clear that Jacqueline is missing from the reunion and asks the ladies what is the reason for this. After a full 40-second pause…Caroline decides to answer the question. She says that they were taping last night for Season 4 (the night prior to the taping of the reunion)…and something happened between Jacqueline and Teresa. Jacqueline was so emotionally drained she couldn’t gather herself to get to the reunion and look Teresa in the face.

I just want to say that last season was all about that crazy b*tch who was a stripper…and she helped her boyfriend with some kidnapping? I don’t even want to say her name…but anyways this season the bad person is obviously Teresa. This time around, most of the focus is surrounding Teresa’s cookbook…where she poked fun at Caroline, and everyone else. I get Teresa said some rude things…but really I think she was joking. I don’t get why everyone was getting worked up about it- especially Caroline. I don’t think it was as big of a deal as Caroline made it out to be…for this I am confused. There must be for to the story that we know about. Clearly we’ll know it all in Season 4. I think Teresa had good intentions…especially towards Caroline because who wouldn’t be afraid of mama godfather. But Teresa’s crazy…I mean who knows what she was thinking when she was writing her cookbook!

There are definitely a lot of awkward silent moments…especially when they roll the clip of the baptism when Teresa’s brother got into a fight with Teresa’s husband. The camera’s came back and everyone was in shock…Teresa was crying.

Caroline kept shaking her head the entire time…Andy brought up an interesting point that Teresa and Joe Giudice pulled out of bankruptcy. Apparently because they were facing ‘bankruptcy fraud’. I never heard this but Melissa says its public knowledge…and Teresa kept denying it. Clearly, Teresa is crazy and her lies over the seasons aren’t adding up anymore. Caroline admitted at first she hated Melissa and Kathy because of waht Teresa had said about them. But, once she got to know them better she realized they were completely normal…and it was Teresa who was the crazy one.

After everything…I love that Teresa still says her husband didn’t do anything wrong.

Now that’s love.

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