Vampire Diaries: Bye Bye Klaus!

With the disappointing season of 90210, I’m glad to say that the season of Vampire Diaries is ah-mazing! The promos for last night looked crazy…although I’ll admit the episode didn’t fulfill my expectations.

Stefan/Klauss/Rebecca are in Mystic Falls…because they want to find the necklace or Elena. Not sure exactly. Anyways, everyone’s at the high school because they’re setting up for senior pranks.

Damon/Katherine/Jeremy are on some deserted road for most of the episode.

So Klaus shows up and realizes that Elena is still alive…he puts her in the gym…along with Tyler. He bites Tyler…and basically starts the transition for Tyler to become a hybrid. Except that Elena has to die for the hybrid thing to work. Anyways, Stefan shows up and he’s all evil…Klaus finally hypnotizes him (something that he hasn’t done all summer because he trusted Stefan)…Stefan is basically evil now because Klaus told him to turn his ’emotion’ switch off.

Meanwhile, Bonni has 20 minutes to find another way to fix the ritual and save Tyler. Matt whose pretty useless at this point remembers that Jeremy kept seeing Vicky. Matt decides to kill himself momentarily so he can see Vicky. He jumps into the school’s pool drowns himself…just in time for Bonnie to save him. He saw Vicky and she told him what they needed to know. (I totally forgot what Vicky told Matt)

Anyways, Katherine tells us that there is in fact one thing that can actually kill Klaus…not with the dagger…but actually kill him forever.

Towards the end…Stefan has no choice but to drink from Elena. After she starts running through the school…he tries his best to let her escape..but Klaus finds her and then makes him drink her. But I don’t get what happens because in the next scene she’s in the hospital.

Klaus gives a tube of Elena’s blood to Tyler…as an ‘experiment’ Tyler had nothing to lose because he would die anyways. He drinks it…and it actually saves his life…which means he’s a hybrid…a vampire/werewolf.

Basically the original witch played a prank on Klaus…knowing what kind of power the hybrids had…she told Klaus he would have to kill the Doppleganger (Elena)…which is the complete opposite. He needs Elena’s blood to successfully transition the hybrids. Damon finally shows up to the rescue…Klaus is about to kill him..when Damon says he knows the guy who can kill Klaus. Klaus gets s**tfaced scared and leaves. Just like that!!

Damon sees Elena in the hospital…picks her up and takes her home. They’re having a romantic moment when Stefan walks in! He says since Klaus is gone for the time being…he has to keep an eye on Elena and make sure she doesn’t die. Kind of awkward since there’s clearly something going on between Damon and Elena. Stefan isn’t the same anymore since he turned his ‘switch’ off. Now that Elena knows he’s gone forever…or until the season finale…she can move on to Damon.


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